Storage on the Spot Rents Portable Welding Training/Testing Stations

Posted on May 31, 2013

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Storage on the Spot rents portable welding training and testing stations that have been built out of ISO shipping containers for their portability and easy installation. Construction managers from around the Tri-State Area have known since the late 80's that shipping container rentals for on site tool and equipment storage could be found with one call to Storage on the Spot. More recently Storage on the Spot has expanded it's product line to include portable climate controlled offices, blast resistant offices with blast PSI over-ratings of 1.5, 3.0, and 5.0, as well as these new containerized wedling training and testing facilities. With six separate welding testing and training stalls in each of these 40' ISO shipping containers modifications this unit can easily be delivered, dropped into place, and put to use as an onsite facility for welders to earn their coupons. By being able to test for coupons onsite contractors and construction managers are able to save time and money as opposed to sending welders to office training and testing locations. 

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Specifically designed to support the power requirements of multiple welders these portable welding training and testing units improve job site efficiency by removing the need to send welders off site for recertification and training purposes. Typical units from Storage on the Spot come with six welding station stalls with a ventilation, stools, and other welding required essentials.

Custom designed welding training and testing facilities can also be built and rented for long term rental customers. If the six stalls in standard portable welding training testing facilities don't meet the need on your job site Storage on the Spot can build custom rental units for customers with the need for long term rentals. 

For more information on these containerized portable welding training and testing facility rentals CONTACT SOTS HERE or call us toll free at 888-388-7768.



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