Johnny on the Spot Offers a Look at some Portable Toilets that have Made the News

Posted on Nov 03, 2017

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We can't make this stuff up. But if we could why would we? When reality is so much more interesting. This week here at the Blog we'd like to take a look at some of the top news stories you may or may not have missed that pertain to portable toilet. 

Take a look at the excerpts click on the titles and read the full story at your leisure. 

In this first story we're told of a township where the permanent installation of portable toilets at residences have come under fire...

Jackson Councilman: No Plan to Ban Portable Toilets After Complaint Against Orthodox

“Hello all. Apparently there is a portable toilet spree going on in the town. There has been a portable Toilet in the backyard of [address] for A while now. They have also popped up on New Prospect and Brookwood Parkway,’ wrote Chris Kisseberth, a representative of the Jackson Strong group which has been closely monitoring the activities of Orthodox Jews in town for the past year.  “Is there a town ordinance on this portable toilet use? I can see The use for a party or certain construction reasons but who in their right mind would just ”plop” one In their backyard for regular use? Perhaps an ordinance can be made if there isn’t one that would state what allowance is the use of the porta potties?? Please send a response in a timely manner.”

In the next story sometimes a portable toilet company and their facility can be located a little too close to home for some...

Homeowners file lawsuit over odor from portable toilet facility

"The smells literally come in, engulf your home, engulf your area, engulf everything. Literally make you physically sick on a regular basis," Niemi said. "It was morning, noon, and night. They were processing 24/7. The smell… it was just… it was awful. You were literally having to vacate your home on numerous occasions because the smell was so bad."

And now a couple stories about the resourcefullness of people... When they gotta go they will find somewhere to go...

State hopes portable toilets will help Old Orchard Beach’s poop problem

“They’re using the ocean. They’re using the dunes,” local resident and business owner Sherri Tripp told television station WMTW. “Just a few weeks ago in broad daylight we saw a gentleman come up behind this bush and do the No. 2, unfortunately. … I sit on my deck and we see at least 10 to 15 people a day, minimum, that’s when I’m outside.”

Portable toilets approved for downtown Carlsbad to help homeless

People are “pooping and peeing” in public parks and city parking lots because there’s nowhere else for them to go, Nessim said.

And for those more politically minded among us here's a couple stories on how, depending on your perspective, President Donald Trump is either wasting taxpayer money or boosting the economy...

Cash-strapped Secret Service spends $7,100 on luxury portable toilets for Trump’s Bedminster trip

“Leave it to Donald Trump to find a way to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on a port-a-potty,” American Bridge spokesperson Brad Bainum told USA Today.

Washington’s portable toilet industry is flush, thanks to Trump

“The toilets were a huge part of our budget, and they do cost more than what people anticipate them costing,” Ingram said. “Any time you are planning a march, you need to make sure that people can see, you need to make sure that people can hear, and you need to make sure that people can go to the restroom.”

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