Johnny on the Spot: 5 Really Crappy Porta Potty Stories (Pun Intended)

Posted on Dec 06, 2016


Since the late 1950's Johnny on the Spot has steadily grown our portable toilet and sanitation service business. We currently service porta potty rental customers in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky as the leading provider of portable toilets in the Tri-State Area. Covering the entire Ohio River Valley out goal is to make portable toilet rentals and the entire process hire as easy as possible for our customers from ordering to delivery and pickup of the units.

Providing portable toilets for customers for a wide range of services you can probably imagine we've heard of and been party to a number of gruesome and downright crappy experiences with regards to the use of our number one product (consequencially enough necisitate by the number two of many a customer).

In our 60 or so years of sanitation service we have provided portable toilets to events like festivals, concerts, fairs, family reunions weddings for short term rentals but we have also provided them for long term rentals at some of the areas power plants, refineries, and other industrial locations so believe us when we tell you we've been around the block and seen it all.

In this weeks edition of the JOTS and SOTS blog we'd like to take time to look back at some of the more cringe worthy porta potty stories we've heard over the years.

5: Real Funny Guys.

Upon arriving at a power plant where a major construction project was under way one worker ran up to the portable toilet servicemen. "Hey, buddy these toilets here haven't been cleaned in weeks and this one here is horrendous. You have to see it!" After opening the door to "this one here" and quickly reviewing the dozen or so toilets next to it dawned on service driver what had happened given that all of the other portable toilets there had obviously been serviced and kept clean per expectation. As a joke the members of the work force took it upon themselves to use just this one toilet over the course of a few days. So much so that this one toilet out of the 10 to 15 next to it was literally overflowing with the business. It was actually piled above and on top of the toilet seat. #funnynotfunnyguys. 

4: Cow Tipping is for Amatuers.

Everyone's heard of cow tipping and a few have even tried it but as mischevious as that is cow's can get back up on their own relatively unscathed. Portable toilets however can not. At a local festival not long ago a concert goer actually suffered from post traumatic stress and was given time off from work after a portable toilet he was in was tipped (as joke) over while he was using it. Covered in the remanants of users past the remains could be washed off physically but mentally for this unlucky "goer" the memory could not.

3: Snakes in a Portable Toilet.

You may or may not have seen the Samuel Jackson movie Snakes on a Plane. Regardless of whether you've seen the film or not can you imagine the fright you would fill if you found a snake in a portable toilet basin after you'd already sat down? Unfortunately for a portable toilet user in West Virginia this was just the case. After making waves of his own in a rurally located portable toilet the "user" as will call him heard irregular movements in the basin of the portable toilet. Upon further (very gross) investigation a 5 foot snake was found in the bottom of the toilet.

2: Don't lose your keys.

Have you ever lost your keys or cell phone? Who hasn't misplaced them at least once or twice, really? Well regardless of where you found them chances are you didn't lose and then find them where a very unfortunate concert goer found hers after a couple trips to the portable toilet at a local festival in Ohio. Crappiest part of the story: she had fish them out.

1: What were you thinking? The crappiest of the crappy.

Out in Oregon at a county fair a guy actually got stuck in the basin of a portable toilet. Maybe he saw Trainspotting a few too many times or maybe he just really needed to get ahold of the drugs he lost in the bottom of that porta potty. Regardless of the state of mind you're in we highly advice against fishing around for anything in the basin of a portable toilet. There's a reason we clean them out with really long hoses and wear gloves and other PPE in the process.

We hope our list of portable toilet nightmares doesn't give you... well... nightmares and we hope that hearing these stories has both made you cringe but also laugh at the same time. Look at it like this way: It didn't happen to you!

If you would like more information on our portable toilet and sanitation services feel free to CONTACT US HERE or call us toll free at 888.388.7768. 

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